Disclaimer digital products


The experiences shared on all shopping pages of Imcavandeweem.nl and by others are not the same for everyone. It is an example or guide for how the products and services offered can be used and what results can be achieved.
Keep in mind that what is accomplished by one person is not guaranteed for another.
Each individual will see different results. The level of success and the results you achieve depend on a number of factors.
With these presets, we assume that a photo is already correctly exposed, has the correct ISO value and is of good quality. Raw files are preferred over .jpeg files when it comes to good editing capabilities. A photo that is already of poor quality and over or under exposed will not get the desired results with these presets.

Presets are digital download products that are compatible with the latest version of Adobe Lightroom. Due to the nature of downloadable products, all sales are final. Please also read the return policy for further questions or before you buy.

The files are downloadable 2x within 100 days. Do save the files properly after purchase.

For more information and questions, contact shop@imcavandeweem.nl