Who is Imca?

Who is Imca?

Behind that name is a woman who is often seen as cheerful and open, but also as a tough cookie, a lady with spunk.
A lady with also a very soft heart, addicted to her beautiful profession and someone who is infuriated by animal abuse.
An all-rounder, a go-getter who celebrates successes well, but also just has her downtime as well.
A happy camper who is always busy learning new things.
Allergic to everything that is called normal and always being the good girl 🙂

She runs her own buisness, and is very proud of a large international network.
A lady who connects with people easily, cherishes her friendships and loves meeting new people.

Behind that name is also the wife of the most beautiful husband, mother of the 2 sweetest kids with the best partners. Owner of a dog and cat.
She is so so proud of her family

She has moved from Bladel (NL) to Singapore, to Hapert (NL), to Shanghai (CN) and back to Hapert (NL) over a period of 15 years.
Now in Hapert.
You can take her out of Brabant, but cant take Brabant out of her.
She chooses a village to live in, but also loves the hustle and bustle of the city.
She dives into her books with a passion, devouring about 1 book a week.
She is good with words but poor at applying spelling rules.
A bi-lingual, she speaks and writes English as easily as Dutch, and that mixture of languages is also reflected in her writing.

The stories she tells are about travel and the most beautiful places in the world. Tips&Tricks on photography, equipment and techniques.
Thoughts about life, about that one great book she read.
Telling proudly about that cool assignment she had, that beautiful story she got to tell with images.
And occasional peeks into what it’s like to move abroad, build your life in another place in the world and much more.

A photographer at heart and her greatest hobby is traveling. Much time is set aside for this purpose. From 1 day to a month long trip and everything in between. Itchy feet and a bucket list that just keeps growing.

The world is her playground

And that’s what her website is about and that’s what the stories in her blog are about, about special places and people, about treasured photographs, about life, about the very best profession.

Hi there,

My name is Imca van de Weem and if you like to be the first to read my stories, subscribe now and I will send you new stories regularly. Your mailbox will not explode with the amount of messages, I promise to keep it fun.

The photos from my blogs are also available as prints or digital files, some you can find in the Fine Art shop.
Not in the shop? You can always request them, evrything is custom made
And is my editing style a style that greatly appeals to you? All photos are edited with my own Lightroom Presets collection, it makes your workflow a lot easier and shorter!