Preserving memories

Is a digital memory as valuable as a printed memory?

Memories are important to us; they are full of emotions.

A memory is full of joy, sometimes sadness, intense gratitude and nostalgia.
They bring you back to those beautiful moments, that special event, that connection to a moment that will not return.

I have had to surge for (school) photos in my archives several times recently, because someone sadly passed away completely unexpectedly. Children and adults.

This has a huge impact on me too, with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart, I find the photos and send them to the family. Suddenly every photo is an extremely important memory.

Photos, of course, are always important when it comes to capturing memories. It’s a snapshot of a moment in your life.

Most of the memories and moments are wonderful. Like the photo of this young lady with her horse, you can feel the love for her beautiful four-legged friend, who is already at an advanced age when I photographed them, in this photo. A beautiful memory, captured forever.

How do you keep those memories, printed or digital? Or both?

Girl with her horse

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” – Aaron Siskind

When it comes to my personal memories, our family, our travels, the memorable moments around us, I print them.
The portraits of our fathers and my darling aunt who passed away, are framed and I often light a candle near those pictures.
I also store those photos digitally, of course, but you don’t find them quickly and as soon as they come into my mind for a moment, I look at that photo in that frame.

I also print albums after family vacations, moments to never forget.
An album packed with the best moments and adventures we made together.
During family gatherings, those albums come to the table and we look back at those special moments with gratitude and many emotions.

The photos from our travels that I am most proud of are also printed and turmed into wall-art. They compliment our home and are regularly replaced to keep that moment a little longer. Just as there were enlarged photos of our children hanging on the wall that have changed with them as time passed, too. All those prints have been preserved.

I can hear you thinking now, you’re a photographer, you have beautiful pictures.

But I have a cabinet completely full of photo albums, even from my childhood. Lots of well kept photos and memories from a time when I was not a photographer.
I probably sound very old now when I say that these albums are becoming more and more precious, especially since we haven’t digitized them all yet and these books are becoming more and more fragile.
Photo albums are ofyten shared you from generation to generation, but somewhere along the way they get lost and those old printed photos are in might just fade away.

But we also have the digital memories. It’s fantastic that we can capture everything so quickly with the phone. You quickly share those moments on social media and with family and friends. We do that all day and everywhere.
We are all very busy capturing and sharing our lives and enjoy watching someone else’s life online.

Thousands of pictures we take.
And then what? Do you regularly upload your photos from your phone to a cloud or other digital storage to keep them safe?
I know that the photos I take for you are usually well stored. By me and by you.
After all, you are paying for those precious memories.
Corporate photos are often wel used on social media and websites and are changed and discarded often. But familie photo’s are much more important.

Your own photos, do you save them well?

For me, the combination between digital and printed memories is important. Thousands of photos are safely stored in the backup and Cloud.
The most precious moments are printed as wall art or in an album.
What I really want to say with this blog:

Save those memories!

There are several good providers with online programs to design and print an album.
Choose good quality so it will last longer.
And invest in a Cloud storage and regularly upload the photos from your phone, That phone can break down and you dont want to lose everything.

That would be such a heartache..

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