A new addiction, the Drone

For years I have been non stop connected to the camera, it has become an extension of myself so to speak.
I know how to find every button on that camera and use it blindly, it’s like driving a car, kind of autopilot but different, you know?

I focus in a split second and in no time determine the aperture and shutter speed that I need for the available light.
I only need to see the light shining on my subject and in my mind I am already switching gears.
I only have to walk somewhere and I’m already looking at the light, where is it going and how am I going to frame it in the picture.

Very annoying sometimes, because I can’t turn it off.

I am a person who does like change and innovation, who also needs change.

That I needed something new was obvious and yet I wasnt ready to buy a drone.

I had the necessary excuses ready,
Too expensive
I am not a videographer but a photographer
I can’t
Too old
No time

Until our daughter bought a drone and I watched form a distance…

And slowly I became completely addicted.

* Recently I met a drone pilot who was flying the pro gear, beautiful shots he made.
I talked about my drone and what I was into and that I like to use the drone for travel photography, among other things.

“Bloody hell!” he says a moment later after seeing my photos.
“I always tell people that these are fun toys for boys, but so I can’t say that now. You are a woman and also fly and make beautiful pictures!”
Duh…, yep, we women fly too! There are also the most beautiful hashtags for it on Instagram #girlswhodrone and #womenwhodrone.

I saw the beautiful first images and I continued to play with it and discovered how incredibly awesome I found that new point of view it gave me.
Because that point of view is what my whole world go round. Looking at the world in a different way. Seeing in a different way.

Meteora, 1 of the most beautiful places in mainland Greece. The beautiful historic monasteries are viewed with the drone from the flight only really visible and shows the beauty of this place at its best.

By the way, that first drone is somewhere at the bottom of a canal in Amsterdam….. flying is something you have to learn too!
A new drone was purchased and off I went.
First carefully in the garden, then into the woods, into the country and then into the travelbag!

The addiction really hit me after I got to take the first “real” photos with the drone in Greece of some beautifully located holiday houses with pools by the sea in Levkas.

There was no stopping form there.

How I love the lines I see from the sky.
Looking straight down with the gimbal (camera) you see the most beautiful things.
I see unusual lines, contrasts and colors and happily capture it all.
It’s so beautiful what I see from up there.

The necessary licenses have since been obtained, the better and bigger drone has been bought and I am slowly but surely beginning to get the hang of what the fancy new toy can do and what I want to do with it.
High quality images is waht i deliver now, the drone is always with me, next to the camera’s.

And one thing is for sure, the drone will be in my bag when I travel!
That image of that rough sea hitting the rocks,
Or that image of the calm sea turning into the most beautiful beach,
Flying over the Sahara or over the beautiful black forest in autumn.

You can wake me up at night for it.

Do you know a nice place for the drone? Let me know and I’ll join you!

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