50 Shades of Red, Yellow and Green – Autumn!

Our intern said the other day “you know exactly when and where to go don’t you?”
That’s right.
Usually….sometimes I also really just arrive somewhere at the wrong time, more on that in another blog.

Years of travel, lots of googling, finding out where other photographers are and having a nose for when and where I can shoot the best picture has given me that knowledge.
If I come across good ideas online, I save then on Pinterest to visit back later.
Then all I have to is book the trip!

Autumn, the most beautiful time of the year if you ask me.
And preferably just during that short period when the trees really show 50 shades of red, yellow and green.
And preferably a forest full of oak trees, birch trees and Elm trees. Trees that show the most beautiful colors.
And so we set out for Germany, via the Black Forest to Bavaria and back via Liechtenstein.

We have those beautiful forests in the Netherlands too, but nothing as overwhelmingly beautiful as the massive great Black Forest in Germany and especially in autumn.
The beautiful views with all those colors while driving through the huge forest gives you a feeling of ultimate peace.

Germany in autumn

We are roadtrippers, traveling through beautiful areas by car is what we love the most,
And while we are driving in Germany, we decided drive all the way to Bavaria.
Bavaria for me means good food, beautiful nature and what we actually came for, castles!
……and huge schnitzels of course 😉

Neuschwanstein Castle

Autumn did not disappoint this year, we had beautiful weather with brilliant blue skies and wonderful temperatures.
Neuschwanstein Castle is so beautiful that Disney decided to base the fairytale castle in the movie Sleeping Beauty on it.
And really, this original version captures the imagination.
It is the fairytale castle you always wanted to see to check if such grandeur really exists.
It exists, it is real.
The castle is located in the village of Hohenschwangau in the municipality of Schwangau near Füssen in the Allgäu, about an 8-hour drive from the Netherlands.

King Ludwig II built it in the mid-19th century.
He actualluly lived there, very briefly, but still. Read more about that here hier lezen.

Ooo fairytale castle high in the mountains, how beautiful you are!
This castle had been on my to do list for a very long time. I’m happy to tell you more about it here.

The castle is best admired from the hiking bridge “Mareinbrucke”, the route to it is clearly marked at the beginning of the path uphill.
The trail was closed for maintenance when we were there, but an alternative path was quickly found.
If you go, remember to pack your hiking boots.
It is a tough but beautiful climb to the top and once at the top there are several very nice hiking trails through the mountains with extraordinary views.
If you don’t want to walk, an electrically powered horse-drawn carriage goes up the slope and you end up at the castle itself to possibly take a look inside as well….

More castles on the route

You can hardly miss this one if you’re at Neuschwanstein anyway; this castle is across the street and is called Sloss Hohenschwangau

This is the castle where King Ludwig II spent his childhood and is the home of his parents.

Definitely worth a visit and especially beautiful to admire from the hiking trails in the mountains, then you can see just how beautiful it is in the landscape.

Since we were in the area anyway, we also stopped at this beautiful castle. 850 meters high on a mountain is Burg Hohenzollern.
It lies between the municipalities of Hechingen and Bisingen.

The castle is still privately owned by the Hohenzollern family, but you may enter via a scenic walking trail.

Once at the top of the castle, you have an insanely beautiful view of the valley. When the weather is nice, you look endlessly far away and immediately understand again why the location was chosen.

Unfortunately, we hit it in the rain and parts were hidden behind scaffolding, but since it had just been Halloween, it created a nice spooky image.

We only had 5 days for this short trip, including travel time from the Netherlands by car. It was almost planned by the minute 🙂 But on the way back, while close, we decided to also stop at the world-famous Lichtenstein Castle in Liechtenstein.

This castle also sits beautifully on the edge of a mountain with breathtaking views over the valley. This castle is also still privatly owned by a family.
You may enter parts of the garden and, for a fee, book a tour inside the castle. We admired it briefly from a distance before starting the last part of the drive back home.

It was a very successful short trip. The castles all capture the imagination and I highly recommend it. Autumn and winter (with snow) are the best times, expect in summer especially at Neuschwanstein lots of tourists. In the Fall there a much less tourists and teh colors are much prettier.

Unfortunately, there is a flying ban on all castles for the drone, strictly forbidden to fly over them. So we captured all that beauty with the camera.

Auf wedersehen Germany, thank you for your hospitality!

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